Meet Cayden

Meet Cayden! Cayden is the Mullan supervisor and the Caboose training supervisor. Get to know this coffee expert a little more with our coffee questions

From: Spokane, WA

Pets: three dogs and three horses

Favorite thing about the caboose: how my job allows me to be a part of my customer’s lives. I get to see everything from someone adopting their first dog to the heartbreak of high school lovers. The caboose is the only place flexible enough to allow me to go to school full-time while working

Favorite movie: 500 days of summer

Hobbies: everything from archery to learning how to ride my dressage horse

Special talent: I am a large animal veterinary technician and hope to be a veterinarian myself one day. My talent is knowing how to handle (some more than others) any kind of animal from cows to a guard llama