June Featured Barista

Name: Bethany Taylor
Nicknames: B, B Money, Beth, Bertharnerr
Sign: Taurus
Hometown: Lincoln, MT & Missoula, sorta
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Music Genre: R&B and Hall & Oates
Favorite Drink: Zinfandel and an iced coconut matcha latte
Favorite Food: Thai and Italian for sure
Time at the Caboose: I originally joined this funky thing called the Loose Caboose in 2006 and left in 2007, returned in 2012 around the time I graduated from UM and then took a year-long hiatus in 2015 to be a professional bridesmaid in two weddings and returned March 2016. Malcolm calls me his Boomerang and I’ve never been to Australia…
Hobbies: Travel, Crosswords, True-Life Crime Books, Board Games, Medical Shows, Volunteering, Tattoos, Kayaking
What Gets You Up at 4:30AM for an open shift: My alarm…kidding. Knowing that my brief interaction with a customer could mean more than a quick caffeine fix. My coffee skills may not save the world but my sincere love of my regulars and their happiness might.
Beyonce or Jay-Z: Jay-Z
180 Characters or less, describe yourself: Crazy dog lady, philanthropist, aspiring comedian, adventurist, wine enthusiast, auntie
When you’re not at the caboose, where are you: Glacier National Park (playing), Berkshire Hathaway (working), Plonk (drinking), managing my dog’s Instagram account @ChuckTinMT
2 Truths and 1 Lie: I prefer City Brew to LC
I have a photographic memory
I’m an Alpha Phi
C’mon y’all it’s obvious J
Karaoke Go-to: Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg complete with a mic drop
Favorite Hashtag: #PSL365
Best thing about working at LC: my coworkers are some of the greatest people I’ve ever met adding many wonderful memories over the years, I’ve met countless amazing people who let me serve them coffee and Stef & Mal are honestly the greatest bosses to work for. However, don’t tell my mom as she’s my boss at my other job!
I love connecting with my customers in and out of the caboose—Facebook: Bethany Taylor & Instagram: BTinMT